Andrea Mitchell Fears Benghazi Movie ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Will Hurt Hillary



On her MSNBC show on Monday, host Andrea Mitchell derided the film 13 Hours, opening in theaters nationwide on Friday: “That new film about Benghazi coming out this week could give wider circulation to conspiracy theories, despite denials, that CIA operatives were told to stand down and not rescue four Americans, including an ambassador, who died in that assault.”

Source: Andrea Mitchell Fears Benghazi Movie ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Will Hurt Hillary

No dogs left behind


Actually, There Are No Military Dogs Left Behind
difference between Military Working Dogs and Contract Working Dogs (CWDs) which are, as Bill Childress, the Marine Corps MWD program manager, explained it to me, a little like Rent-A-Cops — the military contracts out CWD teams for certain missions.
The U.S. military did leave its dogs behind, once, more than 40 years ago. When U.S. troops made their hasty withdrawal from Vietnam, they did not take the dogs with them. They were left in the care of South Vietnamese and most likely met a terrible end. It is a blemish on our military history that cannot be washed away. But one I believe would never happen today.
These dogs are treated like Marines. We bring everybody home.”