About andyoaklee


Note to reader – this is still being edited.

I am an AvidAmerican. I will not Stand down until America is returned to her rightful place governed by #WeThePeople as one nation UNDER GOD, restored to the Constitutional Republic as she was founded.

Seeking #JusticeForBenghazi and that the truth found in #13Hours be recognized.

Proud CO born, God loving, Gun carrying Constitutional Patriot. Share my life w/2 fantastic dogs, an amazing quarter horse stallion. Love my #Militaryfamily ! Married to a 100% DAV VNV DH w/Agent Orange Status. Proud Dau of WW2 Merchant Marine (RIP 12/29/2002. Fighting to return America back to #WeThePeople and ! Believe Obama admin is destroying our country and has lied to us all. Now more than lying he has participated in lies that are treasonous and is unfit to by Commander in chief.


TWITTER PROFILE: COBorn#Christian#Patriot★III%★ #Fibro#PTSD♥GodGunsCntryConst #SOT#SOV#Military★Wf2DisVNVDH #WAAR#BENGHAZI#RedMeat#OIP


Twitter @andyoaklee




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