With Friends like these! Quakers are pushing for more Muslim migration to America too!


There is NO way to vet these refugees since isis has Rob legitimate passports blank passports from Syria they can make the person whoever they want to not to mention the pResident has his records sealed and we can’t vet him

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Lobbying on the Omnibus!  

Here they are popping up in Congress this week promoting an amendment to give more taxpayer money for Sryian refugee resettlement to your towns and cities.

yasmine taeb Jasmine Taeb, lobbyist for Quakers and their push for more Syrian Muslim migration to America. See twitter here: https://twitter.com/yasminetaeb

Not to be left out of our list of ‘religious’ charities promoting open borders and more Syrian Muslim refugees is the American Friends Service Committeeand the Friends Committee on National Legislation.  As far as we know they don’t have their greedy fingers in the federal treasury like the nine federal contractorsdo, but they can be counted on to push for anything the No borders Left wants on immigration.

It’s kind of hard these days to find a church or a synogogue at which to worship that hasn’t been taken over by the Left!

HereAFSC lists this…

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