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The experience of combat changes all of us. We are not the same person we were before we stepped into that reality. What we see, experience and endure, physically, emotionally, and psychologically is so far beyond the norm of human experience that it could not be otherwise. The intensity of the bond that builds between brothers-in-arms is like no other and, in most cases, cannot be found in any other circumstances.

Source: This Powerful New Ad Really Shows the “Power of One” | The Veterans Site Blog

France: Muslim ‘refugees’ throw 7ft metal pole at tourist car, nearly killing passengers


The Muslim Issue

Holidaymaking family escape horrifying attack by migrants who launched SEVEN-FOOT metal scaffolding pole at their car as they drove through Calais on their way home to Britain

  • EXCLUSIVE: Marius Mihaescu was approaching border at 30mph
  • Travelling with wife and daughter, 4, when ‘terrifying’ attack took place
  • Giant iron pole smashed through front light and embedded in car’s body
  • Construction worker Marius says his family are lucky to be alive and insists someone will die soon if security isn’t improved at ‘chaotic Calais’ 

A family driving back to Britain from their holiday in France were almost killed when migrants launched a seven-foot scaffolding pole into the front of their car as they travelled through Calais at 30mph.

Marius Mihaescu was travelling with his wife Cristina and their four-year-old daughter Sara when their car was targeted as they approached UK Border Patrol…

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