Update on the Marine suing the Secret Service


Please pray for this family. Refer to former post on how to help. May God Bless him and see him & his family safely thru his deployment.

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Quick update on the Marine who is Suing the Secret Service

His son did not have cancer. He does have 5 spleens though. The anomaly in his throat was fetal tissue left over from a twin sister who died in the womb. This was news to the parents. The boy simply said “Now I get to see my twin sister in heaven.” The boy is a big fan of the movie “God is not Dead”.

The Marine had his security clearance taken away by Secret Service.

When he returns from his USMC deployment in Africa – training locals how to fight terrorists  – we take up the legal battle again.

His deployment abroad ends just before Easter.

He has been in the sand since the Summer.

I kept these details private until now – so that his paycheck would not be pinched.

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