Marine has Legal Bills


We must help this #USMC It’s OUR DUTY! For to stand by and do nothing we are as guilty as those that seek to harm him!

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“Save yourselves from this corrupt generation”

(- words of Saint Peter testifying about Jesus Christ……see Acts of the Apostles 2:40)


Ready for a David versus Goliath story that will singe your eyebrows?

My friend is a combat decorated Marine Major who is suing his civilian employer,
the United States Secret Service.

My Marine works under a supervisor at Secret Service who labeled him as “PTSD”,
without ever sending him to counseling, and despite good performance reviews.

Now the Secret Service is forcing My Marine out, after placing him on administrative leave .

The financial strain of making $2000 LESS PER MONTH is a ploy by the Secret Service to make it nearly impossible for the Marine to afford the legal fees to defend himself.

This supervisor also said to My Marine
“Welcome back from your one year vacation in Afghanistan”.

My Marine was with the unit that brought…

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