Is Khorasan’s Real Name “the Wolf Unit of Jabhat Al-Nusra”?

Last week, the United States and several Arab allies began bombing ISIS targets in Syria — as well as a mysterious and little-known faction of al-Qaeda the US says is called Khorasan. Jabhat al-Nusra (which means “the support front”) is the official branch of al-Qaeda operating in Syria.

US Marines Crisis Unit to Deploy to Mideast

The US Marine Corps plans to deploy 2,300 troops to the Middle East for a new unit designed to quickly respond to crises in the volatile region, the Pentagon said Tuesday. A senior Marine Corps officer said last week that the new task force for the Middle East region would be based out of Kuwait.

US Attacks IS With 20 Air Raids in 24 Hours: Centcom

US warplanes kept up air raids against Islamic State militants near a contested town on Syria’s border with Turkey on Tuesday, part of more than 20 air strikes in 24 hours in Syria and Iraq, the Pentagon said. All US aircraft safely left the area safely after the air raids, it said.

FOUR Terrorists caught Sept 10, 2014 trying to cross into TEXAS!


Surprised…not really. Glad they were caught. Also thanks to Congressma Jason Chaffetz for bringing the fact to public!

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BREAKING: Four Terrorists Were Captured on U.S. Border on Sept. 10 – The Day Before 9/11

Screenshot 2014-09-17 at 11.34.20 PM

Above: ISIS fighters in Mosul, Iraq

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Congressman Jason Chaffetz broke this stunning news Wednesday that four known terrorists were apprehended at the US border in Texas on September 10 – the day before the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Chaffetz questioned Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on whether he is “aware of any apprehensions of suspected or known terrorists.”
Johnson dodged the question.

Rep. Chaffetz told Megyn Kelly there were four terrorists arrested crossing the US border in Texas on September 10.

There were actually four individuals trying to cross through the Texas border, who were apprehended at two different stations, that do have ties to known terrorist organizations in…

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