Watters Wail


An amazing tribute to military chaplains

Craig T Monroe

Watters Wail
(to the tune of “Man in Black” by Saint Johnny Cash)

Well, you wonder why I stand here dressed in black?
Why  you never see bright colors from my back?
And why does my appearance seem to cast a somber tone?
You’ll FEEL the reasons for the things that I have on.

I wear it for the poor and beaten down.
Living in the hopeless, hungry side of town.
I wear it for the prisoners- who have long bled for their crimes.
But are there because – we are – the victims of our minds.

I wear it for those who’ve never read
Never LIVED by The Words My Jesus said
About the road to Happiness, through Love and Charity
Can’t you see He’s preaching straight to you – through me?

Well, “we’re doing fine”, you do say, and suppose
In your CAFE (standard) Kiddie Kars and Foreclosed…

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